Dental Implants And Extractions In Stamford, CT

Dental Implants And Extractions In Stamford, CT

Tooth extraction 

Tooth extraction is the process of removal of a tooth from its bone socket. A dental extraction may be needed because of a number of reasons – some teeth may need extraction because of excessive decay, some may need extraction if they have advanced periodontal disease, or some may need extraction if they are broken, beyond repair. The need for tooth extraction may also arise if there is a tooth infection or crowding or if you have an impacted tooth. You may need to have a tooth extracted prior to orthodontic procedures like getting braces. 

When is a tooth extraction necessary?

If you have severe tooth pain, swelling, or an abscess that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is better to go for a tooth extraction. If left untreated for long, an infected tooth can even cause a blood infection. Therefore, it is advised to get your symptoms treated before things get worse. Your dentist at Ideal Smiles of Stamford will try their best to save your tooth, but a tooth extraction would be needed if no restoration methods work.  An emergency tooth extraction may be necessary for the following situations: 


  • When a tooth is severely decayed and can’t be restored by any methods.
  • During pre-orthodontic reasons to create space
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Tooth fracture/ broken teeth
  • Severe decay and cavity
  • Impacted wisdom tooth removal 
  • Tooth extraction process

Types of tooth extraction

There are two types of extractions: Simple extraction and surgical extraction.

A simple extraction is performed by the dentist, loosening your tooth from the socket using forceps and removing it. The procedure is usually done using a local anesthetic.

During the surgical extraction, you will receive a local anesthetic or even anesthesia. This procedure is done if a tooth has broken off at the gum line or has not come into the mouth. Here, your dentist will make a small incision into your gum and remove the tooth. Sometimes, it may be needed to remove some of the bone around the tooth or cut the tooth in half to extract it.

When your tooth is extracted, it will leave a space in the mouth that can cause changes to your teeth’ alignment. It is recommended to preserve your smile’s appearance and function with a suitable dental restoration method like a dental implant that offers a permanent, long-term solution to extracted or missing teeth.

Dental implants

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces the root portion of the extracted/ missing tooth. It is placed in the bone of the jaw and serves as an anchor for the artificial tooth. Once implanted, a custom artificial replacement tooth is placed on its top.

Benefits of dental implants

The major benefits of dental implants are as follows:  


  • Help to maintain the integrity of bone structure after tooth loss.
  • Do not affect the health of the adjacent teeth.
  • Replace dentures.
  • Distribute bite forces evenly.
  • Appear and function like natural teeth.
  • It doesn’t affect your speaking ability as bulky dentures are eliminated.
  • It helps improve facial appearance by preventing bone loss.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

You are a good candidate for dental implants if you have lost your tooth and suit the below-mentioned criteria:


  • You are in good oral and general health.
  • You are a non-smoker.
  • You have a good bone density at the implant site.

If you are not in good oral and general health, you can get your condition treated and then opt for dental implants. However, if you are a smoker, you will have to quit while the implants heal. If you do not have enough bone density at the implant site, you may need to undergo bone grafting to make the site ready for dental implants.

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