Dentures In Stamford, CT

Dentures In Stamford, CT

Losing a natural tooth can affect both the functionality and aesthetics of someone’s smile. Dentures are the best way to replace missing teeth. In addition to restoring and replacing missing teeth, dentures provide support to the remaining teeth to keep them from shifting out of place. 

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances designed to replace either all of the missing teeth (Full Denture) or some of the missing teeth (Partial Denture) in the upper or lower jaw. A full denture is supported by the soft tissues in the mouth, and hence, it has compromised stability and chewing power. Partial dentures are supported by both the soft tissue and teeth in some cases and just by the teeth or implants in other cases.

Types of dentures

Two types of dentures are available – partial and complete dentures. They are chosen on the basis of the condition and requirements of the patient.


  • Partial dentures: If you have only some of your teeth missing, partial dentures can be used to restore them. Partial dentures are the right option when the patient has a considerable number of teeth intact. 
  • Complete dentures:If all of your teeth are lost/missing, complete dentures can be used to restore all of them.  


Benefits of Dentures

Some of the benefits of getting dentures are as follows:


  • By replacing missing teeth, dentures help make your face look fuller, and cheeks and chin regain their shape, making you look younger.
  • Dentures restore oral aesthetics, as the acrylic can be custom-made to look like the gums and the dental-grade ceramic teeth mimic the natural ones.
  • Dentures can be customized according to the requirement of the patient, ensuring the perfect fit.
  • Missing a few or all of the teeth can affect the functionality of the mouth. It can be restored using dentures, allowing you to bite and chew food like you always used to with all your teeth.
  • Since dentures are removable, they can be taken off and put back when required. This makes cleaning of the mouth easy. Dentures can be cleaned by taking them off and cleaning them using a regular soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Dentures are made from highly durable ceramic and acrylic. Therefore, dentures wouldn’t wear or break while biting and chewing food. With optimum care, they can last for many years without any hassle.
  • Dentures do not slip away easily while eating, chewing, or laughing. 
  • Dentures endorse bone strength under your teeth. 
  • Dentures are the best means to restore multiple teeth; dental bridges or implants won’t be suitable for this purpose.


How to care for the dentures?

Though dentures are highly durable, they need good care and attention to increase their lifespan. It is recommended to avoid biting or chewing hard foods, as it could damage them. Ensure that they are always kept clean to remove the food debris and microbes. When you go to bed, please place the removed dentures in a glass of water or dentures-cleansing solution, as it keeps them from warping. 

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